We all know that trends change over the years and you’ll often find us cringing to our very core when we see old photos of ourselves.

We still have nightmares about blue eyeshadow…

Thankfully we moved on along with the trends, but in some cases this wasn’t possible because some beauty trends in particular were a little bit more permanent.

Kyle and Jackie O were chatting about this on air,  saying that a lot of people regret getting things like botox or plastic surgery because in a few years, what is considered “pretty” will probably change.

“I was watching an old episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and one of the girls had lip implants and she was saying that there ain’t no taking them out,” Jackie said. “She can’t reverse them… It wasn’t a filler, it must be something else that they put in there that was permanent.”

“I just think so many people are going to regret these trends where they’re altering their faces… I feel like the trend is starting to shift,” Jackie added. “People are now appreciating more of a natural beauty rather than the altered beauty.”

“You don’t want it to be permanent, you want that to be temporary… Because you just never know. Trends change.”


Jackie went on to explain that she knows this all too well. Remember when it used to be seriously fashionable for people to have the thinnest eyebrows possible? While of course now we know that the trend is to have thick, natural looking brows.

Jackie told us that back in the nineties she took the thin eyebrow trend to the next level and she definitely regrets doing it now.

“Mine were [thin] it was disgusting. I looked hideous. I looked like I had no eyebrows,” Jackie explained.

“Not only did I wax them within an inch of their life, I then dyed them blonde because it was like we didn’t want to have eyebrows.”

“You dyed them? Gee you’ve gone above and beyond with the fake freckles, dying the eyebrows,” Kyle said. “You’re like fake advertising 100 per cent.”

“I know I remember going back into the hair salon and going, ‘When you bleach my hair can you bleach my eyebrows?’,” Jackie continued. “They said, ‘We can’t do that incase the bleach falls into your eyes, it’s too dangerous’, and I said, ‘I’m okay with that’.”


Jackie was so desperate for bleach blonde eyebrows that she was willing to risk going BLIND for it!

“And now you look back and you go wow that looks ridiculous,” she said.

Yep, we 100% get it Jackie. Remember when really long side fringes were in fashion..? Yeah we definitely regret that one!

What trend do you regret doing?

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