Choosing a name for your baby is a huge responsibility. Not only do you have to consider if they will end up carrying some wacky pun that matches their last name for the rest of their life (hey, it happens!), but will it sound professional later in life?

Research by has revealed the most baby names in Australia – aka, the kids who are most likely to bring in the bread win they get older.

For the girls, Ella took out the top spot, earning an average salary of $112,174.

Sophie is the second-highest, with an average of $99,611.

For boys, Elijah is the most valuable name with an average salary of $107,386 across the country.

Cayden comes in second place, with $99,712.

There are wooden spooners for both genders with Mia and Mateo finding themselves on the bottom. According to, the potential average salary is $45,196 and $40,741 respectively.


Does this change your decisions around baby names?

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