For parents, it can be super tricky to enjoy a treat without the kids catching on and wanting a bite. Everyone deserves a cheeky biscuit or piece of chocolate once in a while!

One Canadian mum seems to have figured it out with a genius idea that has let her sneaky snacks gone unnoticed.

In a now-viral Facebook post, Brooke Rycroft revealed she hides food behind lettuce leaves.

“The real reason why I buy lettuce,” she wrote.

“Hidden in plain sight. She doesn’t even notice me.”

Thousands of people applauded her efforts with the social media post gather over 25,000 comments and 121,000 shares.


“GENIUS! I have both of those and will try this immediately,” one commenter wrote.

“Now I won’t have to hide it in the closet,” another said.

“Straight boss status right there,” someone else added.

However, some people will be out of luck, saying their kids actually LOVE lettuce and it would be an absolute fail. I guess we can’t have it all!

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