Overnight, Brisbane airport issued an apology for a human error that resulted in a breach of COVID19 protocol. 

Investigations are underway into how two passengers who’d arrived on a “red” flight from Port Moresby got off at Brisbane Airport and went into the “green” zone yesterday.

The two passengers arrived at approximately 9:30 am and remained in the green zone for almost 2 hours until 11:20 am. 

All international arrivals must remain in the red zone when arriving; however, two passengers breached the red zone and entered the green area. 

Brisbane Airport officials say only a handful of passengers were in the vicinity at the time, and the two who escaped had tested negative to coronavirus before their arrival. 

Affected Flights: 

  • NZ202: Brisbane to Christchurch 
  • NZ146: Brisbane to Auckland 
  • Qantas Flight 135: Brisbane To Christchurch 

People arriving in New Zealand from Brisbane are asked to monitor their health for the next 14 days.