The Coronavirus Pandemic had changed how we travel forever but one of the most annoying things about checking-in may be over.. and it’s been fast-tracked.

Avalon Airport in Melbourne has revealed that it will begin using computerised tomography (CT) security screening in both international and domestic terminals.

The new equipment will mean that we will no longer need to take out our laptops, tablets or mobile phones when going through security.

Avalon Airport’s CEO Justin Giddings said that the new technology was ramped up to ensure that public touchpoints and congregating were minimised.

“You can simply leave everything in the bag, put it through the system and get out of there as quickly as possible,” Mr Giddings said.

“This means no need to get people hustling to try and get items out of bags … also making sure passengers are separate going through security.”

The new systems were implanted during Melbourne’s second lockdown and will now be used daily.

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