We’ve seen amazing flight deals to Europe before – but this is next level. 

Budget airline Scoot has just announced on of their best deals to date – but there’s one particular deal that really caught our eye. 

You can now actually fly to Greece for as little as $309!

If you’re up north it’s still a crazy good $319 from the Gold Coast and our south-east capital cities have a good deal too with flights from $329. 

So who are you taking with you!? That’s the big question! 


If Greece isn’t to your liking, there’s an identical offer for Berlin, Germany. So really there’s something for everyone. 

Of course there are some T&Cs and extra baggage fees and you will need to snap up the deal before April 12 with limited seats available. 

But the travel dates are quite generous, with travel from now until March 28, 2020. 

If you’re jonesing for a different destination, you can see the full gamet of flights available here, including cheap flights to Vietnam and a range of other destinations.

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