Australian who are hungry for a holiday have been promised they are front of mind for the Federal Government, with Scott Morrison confirming they are now considering how that works.

A ‘traffic light system’ is currently the frontrunner for the system and is being considered by the government’s medical panel.

The system would work based on the countries response to the pandemic.

The ranking would determine what quarantine option travellers would need to undertake on their return.

Morrison said, “The medical expert panel is already considering various options about how [travel] can be achieved, using a traffic light system for the various countries.”

Opening up the options could mean that passengers would isolate at home or would use corporate arrangements for those returning from work trips abroad.

“[Those schemes] would meet standards … that would be at least equivalent to what is done in the … hotel quarantine arrangements for returning.”


Morrison went on to say that the full resumption of international travel was still “many, many, many months away”.

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