I drink enough coffee to make my doctor uncomfortable and spend what my therapist calls an “unhealthy amount of time” scrolling TikTok so I have NO IDEA how I missed this trend. People on the internet are taking the humble everyday instant coffee and making it gourmet *chefs kiss*

Presenting: Whipped Coffee.

This delicious phenomena started in South Korea (shoutout to BTS) and quickly spread right across the United States of America, probably because it’s so simple to make.

All you need is equal parts (generally 2 tablespoons) instant coffee, sugar and hot water. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl for 3-5min until it starts forming peaks. Most people are using a fork but personally I’d be whippin’ out the hand mixer. Once it’s all thick and frothy add to a glass of milk and ice, then enjoy!

@imhannahcho yes i hand whisked this whipped coffee for like 20 mins bc my mommy wanted to try it 👻 she loved it!! (달고나 커피) #korean #fyp #aesthetic ♬ Put your head on my shoulder cover by karlo – K a r l o



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