New criteria about how the Federal Government will prioritise the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines has been revealed.

News corp reports that the Australian population will be divided into 12 age brackets to prioritise the much-anticipated vaccine’s rollout.

Those aged over 70-years-old will now be the first to receive vaccinations, then those aged 65-70-years-old.

The move puts those considered to be at high-risk of severe health effects from COVID-19 among the first to be vaccinated.

However, in an unusual development for a vaccine rollout, children under the age of 18 are unlikely to receive their jabs at all, at least over the course of 2021.

The pharmaceutical companies behind the various vaccines set to be rolled out have not been seeking approval for the vaccines’ use in younger people.

The nation’s frontline healthcare workers and those in the aged care sector will remain the first to get the vaccine, given their high-risk of infection.


Meanwhile, an expert panel will make a decision in January about which essential workers will be granted priority access.

Prisoners and those in detention facilities, along with those working in the sector will also be among the first in line, given the increased risk of the virus’s spread in those facilities.

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