Climate change is real but it’s not the end of the world. It is not even our most serious environmental problem…

If you’re anything like me, all this talk about an impending ‘Apocalypse’ or how nigh the end of the world is, is seriously starting to take its toll.

In amongst everything else we have going on in the world right now with the COVID-19 pandemic and severe racal injustice to name a few of our many recent worldly issues, Climate Change just adds to the anxiety that is living in 2020.

Author and activist Michael Shellenberger has been fighting for a greener planet for decades. He helped save the world’s last unprotected redwoods. He co-created the predecessor to today’s Green New Deal. And he led a successful effort by climate scientists and activists to keep nuclear plants operating, preventing a spike of emissions.

His new book (pictured below) is just what we need at this point in time to calm a few nerves.

But in 2019, as some claimed “billions of people are going to die,” contributing to rising anxiety, including among adolescents, Shellenberger decided that, as a lifelong environmental activist, leading energy expert, and father of a teenage daughter, he needed to speak out to separate science from fiction.


Apocalypse Never is an extremely important book. Within its lively pages, Michael Shellenberger uses science and lived experience to rescue a subject drowning in misunderstanding and partisanship. His message is invigorating: if you have feared for the planet’s future, take heart. – Richard Rhodes, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for The Making of the Atomic Bomb

What’s really behind the rise of apocalyptic environmentalism? Financial gain? Status and power?

Explained in a way everyone can understand, get your hands on “Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All” and calm your already high anxieties! Available on

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