It’s springtime, the sun’s coming out, and I’m about to become your favourite internet-writer-person. Let me introduce you to two new Monnet Cognac cocktails that’ll make your taste buds do the happy dance (they don’t call Cognac “sunshine in a glass” for nothin’).

Monnet may have only launched here in Aus a couple of months ago but it’s been around for a looooong time. It’s one of the most historical signatures of the Cognac region (that’s in France) and has been around since 1838!

Here are two new enticing ways to freshen up your Spring!

Spicy Jungle

– 20ml Monnet VSOP
– 30ml Monnet Salamander
– 15ml 4-spice syrup
– 40ml fresh orange juice
– 40ml fresh pineapple juice

In a shaker, pour Cognac Monnet VSOP and Salamander, syrup and fresh juices. Shake vigorously and pour into a long glass filled with ice cubes.


Salamander Mule

– 40ml Monnet Salamander
– 10ml vanilla syrup
– 20ml fresh lime juice
– Ginger ale

In a shaker, pour Cognac Monnet Salamander, syrup and lime juice and shake vigorously. Pour into a long ice-filled glass and top up with ginger ale.

The Monnet Cognac range is available nationally through Dan Murphy’s.

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