Looking to start 2021 with a bit of extra pocket money? Well it turns out Miss Polly Pocket herself could be just the answer to your problems.

It turns out many collectors are on the hunt for old school Polly Pocket items, and if you and your parents have stowed them away (and kept them in good knick), you could be looking at a pretty decent payday!

For example, this 1996 Polly Pocket in a Jewel Case is currently up for $3,500!

And this 1997 Polly’s Toy Land playset is up for $3,000! Enchanting.

Polly Pocket 70blabear

And make-up lovers would snatch up this 1994 Gold Musical Lip Gloss Star Compact in a heartbeat! It’s only $1,800.


Time to go through that garage!

Here's one of our favourite moments from Robin Terry & Kip!