Time for a celebratory Moussaka because after three months of nationwide lockdown, Greece will start allowing international tourism again!

On Friday, Greek Tourism Minster Harry Theoharis made the announcement that travelers from 29 specific counties can fly direct to Thessalonki or Athens from June 15th.

This includes Australia among others such as New Zealand, Norway & Denmark.

The US and UK haven’t been included, however restrictions will be further eased from July 1 to include more countries.

The travel can go ahead because Greece has a relatively low amount of infections – over 2900 confirmed cases and 175 deaths – plus a majority of Greek islands avoided coronavirus all together.

“Our aim to be able to welcome every tourist who has overcome their fear has the ability to travel to our country”, Theoharis is quoted saying by Associated Press News.

However, Aussies will still be required to comply with our own travel restrictions.


At the moment, Aussie residents and citizens are only able to leave the country if they meet the exemption criteria on the Home Affairs website.


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