Yumi Stynes has written an incredibly detailed account for ABC Life of what would happen if women were to actually relax and take a break during Christmas.

“Christmas still happens. But the elves strike. Our silent and mostly invisible toil ceases. Christmas, for once, doesn’t happen on our labour.

“The kids get presents. And if you want, the family gets together. But what you’ll see on a Woman’s Strike Christmas that you don’t usually see is — women sitting down and laughing together, eating at leisure, smiling, putting their feet up, enjoying the day, enjoying their families, enjoying the joy of their kids if they have them.

“It’s different from the usual script. Here’s what I usually see:

  • Women RUNNING.
  • Women planning for months in advance.
  • Women stressing.
  • Women SPENDING.

“And on the actual day, what I see is women WORKING. I see women standing at the stove, working and chopping, cooking, preparing, delegating, washing, drying, putting away, organising, ensuring all are cared for.

“And on Christmas Day, what I usually see is men sitting.”


Check out her full piece with the ABC right here


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