Queensland has once again reported zero cases of COVID-19, with health officials conducting more than 100,000 tests for the illness.

The state is moving towards an easing of stay at home restrictions on Saturday and has reported only 13 cases over the past week.

It is welcome news for Queensland’s health minister.

“This is another zero day for Queensland,” Steven Miles said on Tuesday.

“And my favourite days are zero days.”

Officials are considering what restrictions they will relax next in coming weeks.

That includes students being able to return to school, a decision that will be reviewed on May 15.


“If we keep seeing those really low cases, there’s more of a proposition that more can be open, more contact with students and teachers,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said on Tuesday.

“Everything is on the table.”

She and other officials are urging everyone to download the federal government’s COVID-19 tracking app.

They say it is a key step to returning to life before the pandemic.

“I’ve done it, and you’ve heard that the minister and the premier have,” Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young said.

As of Tuesday, 101,767 tests have been conducted and 934 of 1033 patients have recovered.


Only 14 people are in hospital and six of them are in intensive care units.


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