Annastacia Palaszczuk, the former Queensland Premier, has joined forces with renowned celebrity agent Max Markson to venture into the speaker’s circuit, a mere four months after leaving politics.

Palaszczuk, known for her unconventional approach, has enlisted Markson’s expertise to navigate her post-political life. Markson, famed for representing several US presidents and global figures, also has a reputation for managing colourful clients.

Expected to engage in speaking engagements, Palaszczuk may also secure a book deal through Markson. Her outspoken nature is likely to make her a sought-after political commentator.

Palaszczuk’s political journey, from reviving Queensland Labor to her recent departure, is a remarkable tale in Australian politics. Rising from the brink, she led her party to victory against significant odds, becoming Queensland’s first woman elected as premier.

Palaszczuk’s firm stance on border closures during the pandemic catapulted her to national attention, sparking clashes with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and a well-documented rivalry with NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

While Morrison is set to release a book, Palaszczuk will be among the first state premiers to seek a public profile post-politics, with others quietly transitioning into corporate roles.

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