If you’ve heard Kip talking about the Kick N Chat and wanted to build your own, now you can! It’s a great little game you can play with your kids while encouraging them to open up and have a conversation about what’s on their minds.

You will need:
– 3 pieces of timber
– 4 hinges or brackest
– Approx. 20 screws for hinges/brackets

Main panel – 1000mm long x 400mm high x 20mm thick
Legs – 400mm x 300mm x 20mm thick

How to build it:

  1. Buy a panel of timber from Bunnings measuring 1800mm x 405mm x 18mm and have it cut into the above measurements (405mm is fine for width and legs). There will be a small offcut left over. Alternatively, use a piece of black form ply and cut it yourself into the desired measurements. This will be cheaper, stronger, and won’t need paint but you’ll have to cut it at home in a well ventilated area.
  2. Paint all pieces of wood with an exterior satin finish paint for a longer life (skip if using form ply).
  3. Attach the legs. Measure and mark 40mm in from the lefthand side of your board and 20mm from the bottom, this mark is the outside of the left leg. attach the leg with 2 folding shelf brackets on the inside. These ones HERE work well. Repeat the process on the righthand side. DONE!
  4. To add an extra layer of difficulty to your Kick N Chat you can make the ‘Pro Version’. To do this cut an angle into the legs before attaching (160mm in from the top and side for an exact replica)

The original plans


You’re now ready to enjoy your Kick N Chat! Don’t forget to tag us if you build your own, we’d love to see them!

If you’re not super handy (or don’t have time to make one) you can enter to win your very own RIGHT HERE. Good Luck!

Here's one of our favourite moments from Robin Terry & Kip!