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Is your day job getting a bit boring? Find out if your side hustle could take you to new places, and be the master of your own destiny!

After finishing high school, Bernard Houston went to university to study entomology and turn his passion for science into his career.

His love for scientific research meant that his passion for music would be a hobby, and he never imagined he could ever craft a career as a musician.

But after being invited to jam blues music with other musicians, he saw that a music career was a distinct possibility.

“My neighbour was studying music at TAFE Queensland, and during a street party, I met his teacher, Dr Ross McLennan.”

“After discussing my career aspirations with him, I quickly realised that the University of Canberra course delivered by TAFE Queensland was the one for me as the course offers popular, classical and film music.”

So he enrolled to study the Bachelor of Creative Industries (Contemporary Music Practice) (ARB403) to turn his love of music into a career. Now that he’s finished his studies, Bernard is turning his attention to helping other creatives realise their ambitions through the Switchboard Project.


“The Switchboard Project brings together painters, poets, musicians and other performing artists to co-design and co-deliver a series of arts events that activate under-utilised spaces here in Brisbane.”

So if you have that ‘What If?’ question floating around in the back of your mind, why not get more information from TAFE Queensland and see just where your side hustle or hobby could take you!

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