What ever happened to the Refidex? Bulky but trustworthy, the Refidex was a sure win for any road trip in the 90’s. The only real cause for issue was human error in inaccurately navigating the streets of an unknown town! Flash-forward into the naughties and GPS technology has taken over. For our very own Mike, a simple case of a Google Maps fail made his holiday trip to the markets one to remember, that’s for sure.

There was a story recently about a town where overnight Google Maps changed and directed people from a main road straight into a lake! Completely giving their trust to the GPS, they followed the road and literally ended up in the lake! Mike thought this was ridiculous… until recently, when on a trip to the Petrie Markets, he put the location in Google Maps and started his journey. When he arrived at the market, the Maps navigation took him around the back of the market, up a hill and before he knew it, he was literally driving through the middle of the market!

People were walking around the car, staring, the market stalls were on either side of him and Mike’s car was the only car in the middle of the market… there was no way out in sight. Mike had to park next to a stallholder and just wait it out until the market closed. A simple Google Maps Fail is an understatement – perhaps using a more traditional approach like “Mike Maps” would have worked out better?!


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