Robin Terry & Bob’s secret sound Of Brisbane has tens of thousands in cash to be won!

Keep listening for the latest clues and check back here for incorrect guesses!


Incorrect guesses:

– Opening a bag of chips

– House keys dangling from the car key when in the ignition

– Sharpening knives


– When you rub 2 coins together

– Rubbing two stainless steel forks together

– Moving the metal thing up and down on a pair of tongs

– Opening a pair of metal tongs

– Using a classic metal ice cream scoop

– Pulling the trigger on a heat gun


– Sharpening a kitchen knife

– An old photo slide projector

– Poker chips clanging together

– A flint igniter

– Taking a ring pull lid off a fire starter container

– Lighting a flame with a piece of flint


– Lighting a flame with a piece of flint

– Using a toaster

– A blown light bulb

– Pushing the button to light a gas bbq!

– Pulling cord on the whipper snipper

– Pulling the pin on a fire extinguisher


– Change being dispensed from a self-service machine

– Using the dials on your oven

– Closing a pair of handcuffs

– Opening the battery compartment of an Air Con Remote

– Lighting the Ignition Switch on a Gas Cook Top

– Putting the battery into a Game Controller


– Switching the button to the ON position on a Heater Remote

– Putting coins into a Public BBQ

– Changing the coil in a Mosquito Repellent Holder

– Hitting the Tag Plate on a Fire Extinguisher

– Putting coins into a Parking Meter

– Pulling the Dip Stick in and out of a Car Engine


– Whisking something on a Teflon Pan

– Wheel mechanism of a cigarette lighter

– Opening and closing a stapler when refilling it

– Turning the dial on the wall for a ceiling fan

– The noise the spring makes when taking a battery out of a remote

– Turning on a Gas Bottle


– Opening and closing a zippo lighter

– Spinning the control/dial on an iron

– Pulling the dipstick out of the car

– Cracking open an egg

– Hooking up the BBQ hose to the gas bottle

– Turning the reverse cycle aircon to heat


– Turning the Temperature Dial on the Oven

– The flint that you use to light a BBQ

– Adjusting the dial on the Hot Water System

– Using a Pepper Grinder

– Using the Overflow Valve on the Hot Water System

– Adjusting a vintage adding machine


– A striker for an oxywelder

– Replacing a ball bearing

– Tongs on the hotplate

– The metal clip that you flick on a jar

– Replacing a light bulb

– Opening and closing a glass oil lamp


– Pulling the rings off an element on a stove

– Loading the cutlery into the dishwasher

– Sliding out the rangehood

– Turning the grinder on an old fashioned sifter

– A couple of shells in the hand being moved around

– Pulling a knife through the middle of a fork


– The ringpull inside a soft drink can

– A gas lighter lighting up a gas stove in the kitchen

– Putting charcoal and fire lighter’s on a BBQ

– Replacing a thermostat in a car

– Retracting the clothes line back towards the wall

– Changing the batteries in a Smoke Alarm


– Swapping over a Gas Bottle on a BBQ

– A Metal spatula scraping on a pan

– Closing the spring on a spring form cake tin

– Sliding a key into an ignition barrel

– Dispensing an Ice Cube from the Fridge into a Glass

– Putting a Metal Tea Infuser inside a Tea Pot


– Using a Metal Cookie Cutter to make Cookies

– Folding up Aluminum Foil

– Closing Runner Blinds

– Turning the Dial on a Clothes Dryer

– Turning the steaming on a coffee machine

– Taking foil off hot food and scrunching it up


– Turning a piece of steak over with a set of tongs

– Selecting a Measuring Spoon in the kitchen

– Cutting paper using a thermal fax machine

– Changing the filter basket in a filter coffee machine

– handheld flint lighter for a BBQ

– Two seashells being rubbed together


– Turning the heat controller on the iron

– Putting coins or a token into the machine at the laundromat

– A coin going into a poker machine

– Pulling the pin from a Fire Extinguisher

– Removing a Saftey Tag from a Gas Bottle

– The blades on a carving knife


– Automatic Roller Door Opening

– Opening the lock on a Pool Gate

– Ejecting a CD from a Stereo

– The plates underneath a lawnmower

– Clamps of a Hair Curler

– Pulling the ring top off an energy drink


– Opening a Radiator Cap

– A windbreak on a portable camping stove

– A Rotisserie turning around

– Pressing the button on the washing machine to start the load

– The spider stove for a camping oven

– Bangles on their wrist


– Jeweler melding some metal onto a bangle

– Opening the clasp on the springform cake tin

– Putting the temperature stick into a milk jug

– Ratchet tightening a bolt

– Changing a gas cartridge on a portable camping stove

– Using a pair of hair tongs to straighten your hair


– The lid of the coffee plunger going up and down

– Cutting a piece of steak with a knife and fork

– Shaking an Aerosol Can

– Opening the metal lid on a glass bottle of oil

– Moving the lever on a mixer tap.

– Opening a cut-throat razor


– Noise coming from inside of toy ball used outdoors

– Undoing a bolt with a ratchet

– Opening the metal lid on a glass bottle of oil

– Replacing the cap on a thermometer

– Popping up of a toaster

– Pulling the nozzle out of the diesel pump at the petrol station


– When you shake a fisholene/spray paint can with the little ball

– Using a cigarette lighter in the car

– The latch that locks a mounted clothesline

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