While we’ve been experiencing unusually warm and beautifully sunny weather over the past week, we’re now being told to get our winter woolies ready!

An unusual cold front is expecting to hit the south-east of Australia later this week, causing temperatures to significantly drop and bringing both snow and rain with it.

According to Weatherzone, the strong cold front could bring up to 10-30 centimetres of snow to the alpine areas of Victoria, NSW and the Tasmanian Highlands.

There is a slight chance that the cold front could extend north slightly, bringing a few centimetres of snow to the Central Tablelands of NSW.

“While the passage of cold fronts is not uncommon in April, such a strong frontal system is unusual for this time of the year,” Weatherzone said.


The cold front is due to pass through South Australia on Wednesday and will reach the south-east of the country later on Thursday.

“It looks to hit Adelaide in the early hours of Wednesday morning. It will move across to Melbourne during the day and reach Sydney by the evening,” said Hannah Wilson, a Weatherzone Meteorologist to 9News.com.au.

“Adelaide will see a top temperature of 17 degrees on the Wednesday, and Melbourne is predicted to reach just 13 degrees on Thursday; both of which is 7 degrees below the April average,” Wilson continued.

“Sydney will see a top of 26 degrees on Wednesday. This will drop to 20 degrees on Thursday. The city’s coolest day will be Friday, which is when the cold air mass really settles in; a top of 18 degrees is expected.

“Hobart will see 18 degrees on Wednesday, which will drop to 13 degrees on Thursday.”

Strong winds are also expected with the possibility of blizzards in higher areas.


Heavy rainfall is also predicated for parts of bother-eastern Victoria, south-eastern New South Wales and northern Tasmania.

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