Cyclone Oma, currently affecting New Caledonia, is expected to head towards Queensland on it’s south easterly path.

The Bureau of Meteorology is yet to release any weather warnings, however surfers have already experienced a swell in wave size.

It is expected that with 120km/h winds, waves at coastal beaches could be higher than 5 metres, when the cyclone hits South Queensland on Friday.

Lifeguards have warned people to stay out of the water unless they are very experienced surfers.

Lachlan Stoney, forecaster with the Bureau of Meteorology spoke with the Daily Mail regarding the cyclone.

“Later in the week we are expecting high tides anyway, so any big swell coming in over the top of very high tides is going to create hazardous conditions.”

“This could be a serious situation later in week combination of things.”


“The main risks are abnormally high tides, hazardous surf, beach erosion and coastal inundation.”

“The general expectation is that it will start to move in a south easterly direction towards New Zealand’s north Island.”

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