The megaship ‘Ever Given’ has been seized until the owners pay $US900 million compensation for the 6-day long blockage of Egypt’s major trade route.

The Ever Given might be the most controversial ship since the Titanic after it wedged itself diagonally in the Suez Canal after a sandstorm, igniting a 6-day removal.

During the 6-days, it is said the canal lost between $12 to $15 million each day in revenue.

Either the company that owns the Ever Given or the company who chartered the ship is being asked to fork out a gobsmacking $US900m for this situation, the sum based on the revenue losses, the flotation and maintenance costs, loss of transit fees and costs of halting all traffic in the canal.

Until the amount has been paid, the Ever Given has been seized, although, it is difficult to say how one seizes a 400 metre long cargo ship.

Not only did it prevent 10% of the world’s trade for 6-days, it also sent the internet crazy with some very creative tweets.


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