Earlier this week, news broke of a freak accident that occurred in Narooma where a whale suddenly breached onto a small boat where 18-year-old Nick Price and father Matt were early morning fishing.

While Matt got away with a few facial cuts, his teenage son was not so lucky.

The whale landed on Nick’s side of the boat and resulted in him being admitted into hospital with serious head injuries, a broken back and he’s currently in a coma.

Humpback whale migration from Antarctica to Queensland has begun, and while we are in total awe of the majestic creatures, it can be easy to forget that because of their sheer size, the gentle creatures can be dangerous to us so it’s best to keep a distance.

An average Humpback whale can reach 30,000 kg!!

However, this was a completely freak accident and father Matt has stated that they didn’t have any inkling there was a whale close by.

There has been a GoFundMe set up to help the family with not only the mounting medical bills, but also assistance to help house them in Canberra where Nick is being treated.


whaIf you want to help, you can head to their GoFundMe here:


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