Queensland will lift border restrictions on the ACT next week, allowing Canberra residents to fly to the Sunshine State.

It comes after “intense” discussions between Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr overnight.

Canberrans will be allowed to travel by air into the state from September 25, so long as they haven’t visited a virus hotspot.

“Anyone who goes from NSW to Canberra will have to wait for 14 days before they can come to Queensland,” Queensland Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young said on Friday.

No cases were recorded in the Sunshine State overnight and it has been eight days since it had a case of community transmission.

Meanwhile, a showdown over hotel quarantine is looming between the Queensland and federal governments at a meeting of state and national leaders on Friday.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is insisting a weekly national cap on international arrivals be increased by 2000 places to help return thousands of Australians stranded overseas.


But Queensland’s health minister thinks the federal government should take more responsibility for the cost and management of hotel quarantine if it wants to see more people processed.

“What has always struck me as strange is why the federal government doesn’t have a role to play in quarantining international arrivals,” Steven Miles said.

He claims the system has been “massively resource-intensive” on the state’s police and health systems but said the state’s had received no financial aid for their efforts.

“If the federal government wanted to put on the table a process for better resourcing international arrivals I’m sure (Queensland would) welcome that.”


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