Just when you thought the scourge of oBikes was over…

Uber has announced they’ll be trying their hand at the e-bicycle market with a product they think solves a lot of the problems that the likes of oBikes had.

The US firm will rent out its bright orange Uber Jump bicycles “within weeks” in Melbourne and Brisbane.

The electric bikes have three gears and a top speed of 32km/hr and also boast cable locks, smartphone docks and GPS tracking.

“Almost 10 years of research and development has built something that works for cities,” Mr Groeneveld said.

“They’re all GPS-tracked, there are sensors in the bikes as well to identify any mechanical issues … and they all have swappable batteries. Throughout the day we can have mechanics come out and swap those batteries over.”

He also mentioned that the bikes were quite heavy, making them harder to steal and to stop them from littering footpaths and parks.