Despite ALL the drama that went down these last few weeks, there are already talks of Novak Djokovic returning to our shores to participate in the next Aussie Open.

Tennis Australia’s Chief Exec Craig Tiley has stated that we should expect the number #1 tennis player in the world for the Australian Open in 2023 which is terribly confusing because didn’t he get a three-year ban?

Speaking to the ABC, The Guardian reported that his ban could be dropped for ‘compelling circumstances, such as compassionate or Australian national interest grounds.’

When asked about whether Novak would return for 2023, Tiley replied ‘Yes’ and continued to say “Obviously, I think he’s got to play out this year, but that will be his intention. At the end of the day, he’s the No 1 player in the world and he loves the Australian Open.”

So it definitely is a possibility!