Aussie athletes have been told that in the unlikely event that the Tokyo Olympic Games kick off in July as scheduled, they will not be allowed to attend.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed that the new rules prohibiting Australians from travelling overseas also applied to athletes who had been hoping to attend the Tokyo games.

The confirmation from the Prime Minister comes as the future of the July games is still up in the air.

Both the IOC and the Japanese organisers of the games have yet to confirm whether the games will be postponed or cancelled, maintaining that they are still planned to go ahead as planned.

“The AOC will make their decision but the simple answer is that we have a complete travel ban to the rest of the world,” the Prime Minister told 7 News.

Australia is one of five countries to have attended every Olympic Games since 1896.

The IOC is expected to make a decision on the fate of the games as early as today, conceding for the first time that postponing the event is on the table. However cancellation has been ruled out as an option.

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