Kip Wightman and his gorgeous partner Nyomie had been patiently preparing for their bundle of joy.

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During the night unexpectedly, Nyomie’s water broke, one month early.

The two had kept the baby’s gender a surprise, not even their doctors knew. He had the whole of Brisbane on the edge of their seats as we waited to hear him reveal if it was a boy or girl… and let’s just say there wasn’t a dry eye in the city.

You can hear his gender reveal here:


Having the baby was one challenge, but finding a name for their adorable little bundle of joy was a whole new ball game. We enlisted help from our listeners who were able to give him a few suggestions. But it didn’t take long for Kip to accidentally let slip what him and Nyomie had called their little one.

Hear it here:

Welcome to the world!


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