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Let’s be honest, we’ve all had some pretty messed up dreams in our lifetime.

Whether it’s your teeth falling out, being naked in public or even cheating on your partner, our dreams can lead our minds into some pretty wild situations.

If you’ve ever found yourself confused, wondering what on earth led your mind to dream of such a thing, you’re not alone.

Here are some of the most common strange dreams and what they’re trying to tell you about your life.

Dreams about falling 

Dreams that involve falling from heights are very common.

These dreams can be a sign that you feel a loss of control over an important situation, reflecting feelings of anxiety, betrayal or fear in your life.


Dreams about being naked in public 

If you’ve had one of these dreams before, you’ve definitely woken up feeling a little strange and confused.

Dreaming about being exposed in public can come from a feeling of insecurity, embarrassment, or vulnerability in your life.

It can also be an indicator that are feel like you are being judged, standing exposed and defenceless against something or someone.

Dreams about being chased 

These dreams can be truly terrifying and leave you waking up panicked.


Dream interpreters suggest that they could mean you are trying to avoid or run away from something in your life.

Tony Crisp, the author of “Dream Dictionary,” suggests it might indicate your desire to escape from your own fears or aspirations.

Dreams about losing teeth 

Dreams about losing teeth can feel so incredibly real, leaving you waking up thankful you still have your full set of pearly whites.

According to Penney Peirce, the author of “Dream Dictionary for Dummies,” these dreams can mean you’re worried about your attractiveness or appearance.

She also believes it may indicate that you are concerned about your ability to communicate, or that you are concerned that you might have said something embarrassing.


Dreams about dying

Experts say that dreaming about death may indicate that you’re currently struggling with grief or signal a significant life change.

Dreams about death can represent anxiety about change or the fear of the unknown.

Dreams about infidelity

If you’ve had a dream where you have cheated on your partner, you’ve probably woken up feeling guilty.

These dreams can represent an unacknowledged fear that you might be neglecting your relationship in favour of something else in your life.


If your partner has cheated on you in your dream, this can represent concerns about trust, loyalty, and communication in a relationship and feelings that your partner might be neglecting your relationship.

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