Yeah, you read the headline correctly, WELCOME TO THE FUTURE BABY!

A company called ‘Eden Brew’ has replicated the process of making milk using the same fermentation process that happens in dairy cows but IN A LAB without the cows. Apparently the milk tastes basically the same as “normal milk” with the same nutritional value but would have an environmental impact significantly smaller than the old school “using cows” method.

Founder and chief executive Jim Fader says “We expect that by about 2028 to 2030, we will be at the same retail price to the consumer as milk, mostly because we come down in price but in part because there’s forecast continued inflation in dairy.” I assume that means the space milk will be a little pricier than analogue milk when it first hits shelves in Australia in 2024 but saving the environment ain’t cheap y’all.

What do you think, you gonna try the milky way milkshake?

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