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When Rikki Stern was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 20, she craved contact with others in her position but could not find community support for women her age.

​That inspired her to launch Cancer Chicks. What started as a small online support group became a charity with support services and a thriving community.

The Cancer Chicks philosophy is all about embracing their member’s achievements, potential and personalities, and not allowing cancer to define them.

And, with Cancer Chicks’ newest campaign, they are helping women say a massive FUCC IT and be who you are, cancer or not. The FUCC IT campaign inspires Cancer Chicks to keep pursuing their goals and targets, and showcases their ability to surmount incredible obstacles. It shows them that their diagnosis does not extinguish the potential for achievement or happiness.

Whether you’ve been newly diagnosed, are in remission, cancer free or have been impacted by other severe terminal chronic illnesses, Cancer Chicks are here to support you, and have created a safe space for you to be who you are and say FUCC IT to cancer.


Are you in a position to help Cancer Chicks to support their community of women? Cancer Chicks rely on donations, no matter how small, to help provide online and in-person community networks, respite retreats, events and support services.

If you can help, please, donate now.