*I cheekily snicker as my irritable bowels rejoice…*

Wh-ayy! Check out this new line up of non-dairy, plant based and VEGAN classic desserts from Sara Lee…

You know those moments where you feel ‘seen’… This is one of those moments for me, and my fellow non-dairy counterparts & vegans too!

Have yourself a Blueberry Cheesecake, they’re saying it’s “a delicious plant based twist on a blueberry cheesecake – made with coconut cream and a heavenly layer of blueberry topping, this non-dairy cheesecake is a treat for everyone to enjoy.” Yummy!

Or their take on a CLASSIC Key Lime Pie, “flavoured with fresh zing of lime juice and coconut cream and a high-sided crumb… made with love” – It sure is!

You can get yours for $7 from Woolworths, Coles, various IGA, Foodland & independent supermarkets!