Tradies in Melbourne, Victoria are making upwards of $124 an hour and BRB getting an apprenticeship STAT.

A recent Turner and Townsend survey collecting information on labour market conditions across 88 different markets worldwide released the information currently making me reevaluate my life choices. At $124 an hour a Victorian tradie’s salary would be around $243,000 a year if they worked the average 38hr week. Oh god I wish I paid more attention in woodworking class.

According to the report the loss of skilled migrants during the Covid pandemic has a lot to do with the increase in labour costs “The loss of skilled migration during 2020-21 had a considerable impact on the availability of construction labour in these markets, which has subsequently pushed up labour costs, making it the second most expensive region for construction labour”.

The top paid tradies in the world are in Geneva (which I totally thought was that made-up place from ‘The Princess Dairies’) at $175.50 an hour, Zurich comes in second at $174.50 followed by San Francisco ($172.82), New York City ($169.48), Boston ($163.55), Los Angeles ($134.64) and our very own Melbourne ($124.26).

Soooo yeah… career change anyone?

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