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The Pinnacle Foundation provides educational scholarships and mentoring to LGBTQIA+ youth so that they can realise their full potential, because nobody should be rejected, judged or mistreated for simply being who they are.

But there’s one first step we can all take to create an environment of acceptance for those around us, minimising, or perhaps avoiding these unfortunate situations altogether.

And that’s simply talking.

Ok, it doesn’t always seem that simple. Perhaps a little umm… awkward to say the least.

But together with the Pinnacle Foundation, we’re encouraging you to be brave and embrace those awkward conversations! Be a cringe crusader. A steadfast stutterer!

Because as uncomfortable as it might be at first, these chats can be life changing for LGBTQIA+ youth.

We rely on the generosity of donors, so if you’re able to, please make a donation! Your support will help to transform the lives of young scholars. The gift of education is one that impacts every aspect of a young person’s life to substantially enhance their future, and the contribution they make to our community.