Everyone loves testing out their brain with a fun wee optical illusion now and then.

We all remember the iconic white and gold dress illusion that sent the internet into a spiral in 2017, with people arguing that the dress was blue and black.

Well, there’s a new optical illusion revealing what people’s biggest fears in life are, and people are finding it scarily accurate.

A TikTok, posted by @psychologylove100, asks viewers to identify what they saw first in an image of what resembles a head.

The mysterious voice behind the video then explains what you’re most afraid of, depending on which image you saw first.


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If you saw a rat, then the video explains you’re most afraid of humiliation whereas if you saw a face, your greatest fear is loneliness.

The video goes further in-depth, unpacking what each of the images reveals about your personality.

“You always strive to be independent, and self-reliant. The idea of having to ask someone for help and being dependent on them is extremely difficult for you” it reveals about those who saw a rodent.

“You treat others as a kind of insurance. You usually manage just fine without others, but you need to know that you have someone to rely on when you need them. When you’re alone, you’re paralysed by fear” it explained about those who saw a face.

People reacted in the comments sharing the accuracy of what it revealed about them, with one person writing “wow. this one was actually really accurate for me.”

We’re unsure how much you can tell about a person from one simple image but it’s interesting to give it a go!

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