Jacinta Arden, the smiliest politician to ever live, has made an… interesting decision.

Following a ruling by New Zealand’s Supreme Court, Prime Minister Jacinta Arden will draft legislation to lower the voting age in New Zealand to 16yrs old.

16 YEARS OLD!? Oh my. I remember what I was like at 16 and there’s NO WAY I should be responsible for making those kinds of decisions.

The decision comes after a hefty campaign from the  ‘Make it 16’ group who raised awareness for their cause prior to bringing the two-year case to the supreme court. Caeden Tipler, co-director of ‘Make it 16’, said “Preventing me and other 16 and 17-year-olds from voting is an unjustified breach of our right to be free from age discrimination. The government and Parliament cannot ignore such a clear legal and moral message. They must let us vote.”

The legislation will need to make it through parliament with at least 75% support so they’re a little while away from making it happen but the process has started!