Dads, you’re being called to take on more duties! Calm down – There’s good science as to why!

Melbourne based paediatrician Dr Daniel Golly is urging you to consider it.

During the challenging new-born phase in a family’s life, particularly when the second bub comes along, Dr Golly suggests dads should take over most of the baby caring duties to allow mum to focus on the older child, while she gets some good shuteye.

‘You’re going to get to the whole family sleeping through the night much quicker, when dad is more hands on,’ Dr Golly told 9News.

Studies have revealed that dad’s brains grow when they care for newborns and they can help babies resettle at night without needing to feed to sleep.

AFL umpire Matt Stevic took on the role swap with his wife Millie when they had their second daughter.

‘It was really just trying to share the tasks and the load,’ the father of two said.


‘It gave me a great deal of confidence that pretty much dads can do, everything with a newborn – outside the obvious.’

And it has been a game changer in helping his wife get some good sleep.

But Infant Health and Lactation expert Dr Karleen Gribble said the theory is good but the idea shouldn’t sacrifice the important connection mums and babies need.

‘There is actually a good reason why women should be the primary care giver of a newborn – but there is no reason why they should be doing the shopping, cooking and cleaning,’ Dr Gribble said.

Credit: Daily Mail AU

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