I LOVE how many companies are stepping up their Dry July game this year! That ever-growing list now includes the deliverers of delicious at 23rd Street Distillery.

The South Australian-Based Distillery known for their delicious Gin range alongside a HUGE selection of other grown-up treats (whiskey/vodka/rum/brandy/ouzo/yeah they do it all) have now entered the alcohol-free space.

They’ve just launched ‘Twenty Third Street Distillery’s Non-Alcoholic Signature G&T’ and it’s legitimately the best way for you to have a sneaky Gin & Tonic without the regret of drunk-dialing your ex.

If you’re a bit like “eww non-alcoholic versions always taste gross” then listen up you lil naysayer! “With our non-alcoholic Signature G&T we wanted to offer the authentic gin experience, we followed the same process and used the same ingredients we do for all our Twenty Third Street Distillery gins and simply decreased the alcohol until there was none left,” said Bezzina (from the distillery).

Get yours HERE and happy drinking!

Here's one of our favourite moments from Robin & Kip!