In ‘I didn’t realise I needed this until now’ news, comes the world’s first dog bed for humans.

The Plufl is technically an oversized dog bed, but its uni student creators Noah Silverman and Yuki Kinoshita say it was engineered “to provide the optimal napping experience” and “maximise comfort and foster a sense of security, delivering relief for those who have ADHD, stress, and anxiety-related issues.”

The fellas got the idea while hanging out at a coffee shop in Vancouver called Great Dane Coffee, where they got to know the owners and their pet Great Dane, Lady.

The pair would often see Lady chilled out in her custom-made dog bed that made Silverman ask himself “Why shouldn’t people have this too?”

Before you dash to Kmart to buy the biggest dog bed you can find, the Plufl is allegedly much comfier, made of memory foam cushioning and a reinforced edge that allows users to rest their heads on it comfortably.

While the thing is still in Kickstarter form (so it’s unclear when it’ll become commercially available), the good news is that the Plufl has already blown past its funding goal of $25,000, securing over $155,000 from hundreds of backers.

The bad news is that, at $US400 ($AU570) it’s tipped to be the most exxy dog bed in the world.