It’s officially summer and by the looks of things, we’re in for a scorcher of a season.

People are raving about finding relief from the heat with a brand new product from Kmart that is being called a ‘Dyson Dupe’ and of course, it’s a fraction of the cost.

Kmart’s ‘Bladeless Floor Fan’, which is only $99, is being compared to Dyson’s Air Purifier fans, which range anywhere from $599 up to $999.

The fan features four different speed settings, an LED light, a timer and a remote control.

Aussies have shared the wicked find on TikTok, with one customer sharing “I love my knockoff Dyson.”


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“Of course, there are slight differences, but it’s fantastic for its price point,” one person said when asked about how it compares to the Dyson’s Air Purifier Cooling fan, as seen below.

One TikToker shared a review of the product, saying that the product was ‘great value for the price’.


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Kmart coming through with the deals this summer!

Check out Kmart’s bladless floor fan on their website here.

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