You’ll know Jimmy Brings as the guys who drop your favourite alcoholic beverages right to your doorstep. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, they’ve just upped their “you’re having a good time” delivery service by adding a huge range of new options.

They’ll still deliver your favourite drinks, ice cold and ready to drink, but now they can also grab a whole range of convenience-based goodies. Everything from your favourite snacks, to condoms and lube, to Gatorade and painkillers for the morning after (drink responsibly).

So whether you have mates over for a couple drinks, your family pops-in unannounced, or you’re hit-up for a late night booty call and don’t have enough… supplies, Jimmy’s got you covered!

Check out the full range and make an order via their website HERE or download the ‘Jimmy Brings’ app via the app store or google play.

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