This month is full of cool astrological events and the Perseid Meteor Shower Peak is no exception.

This meteor show actually runs all the way from July 14th to September 1st though it is at its strongest this weekend!

Like most meteor showers the Perseid is most visible in the northern hemisphere but or just a few hours in the early morning Australia can catch a glimpse.

Anymore whose keen to watch the shower must find a non light polluted area and check the forecast to ensure no clouds that could obscure the show.

Sadly stargazers in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney will likely miss out on the best views as they are too far away from the northern hemisphere.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t camp out, you’ll till be able to see some just not the most!

If you’re from the Gold Coast, Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast you’re in luck, reports they will have good to very good visibility of the shower.


So grab your blankets, warm jackets and camp out just before dawn on Sunday 13th August to witness a beautiful meteor shower.

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