Australia Zoo, home to all the beautiful Irwin’s and lots of animals has unveiled it’s latest additions – cabins!

‘The Crocodile Hunter Lodge’ features eight beautiful looking rustic cabins where you can spend the evening sleeping amongst the bushland. Each cabin features a sizeable deck which overlooks the “multi-species habitat” containing red kangaroos, emus, echidnas and koalas who were affected by the 2019-2020 summer bushfire season. There’s also a 25m infinity pool called ‘The Billabong’ with views of the bushland with the ‘Warrior Restaurant & Bar’ close by.

The stunning restaurant has a menu focused on Australian Cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients paying homage to Indigenous Australians and plants that have been part of First Nations diets for many years.

Opening The Crocodile Hunter Lodge, Terri Irwin said that “Steve always had a dream that one day, people would not just visit Australia Zoo, but stay overnight, and have the immersive experience of listening to and being around wildlife after dark.” She continued: “it was so important for us to make his dream come true through the opening of The Crocodile Hunter Lodge. This stunning luxury accommodation is surrounded by our conservation work, providing a home to endemic wildlife species while further continuing Steve’s important legacy.”

If you’re keen to book a stay yourself head to their website HERE.


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