Nothing says “I love you, Mum” more than gifting her what she loves most in the world. No, I’m not talking about quality time with you or an afternoon with the grandkids I mean what she really loves the most – wine.

Mums love cracking open a bottle of the good stuff whether it’s someone’s birthday, the family’s over for dinner, or because “I know it’s Tuesday love but life’s short!”. To help you pick out a decent bottle without standing in the wine aisle scratching your head for 45mins may I present ‘Pinot and Pinks’. The good folk over at Fourth Wave Wine have assembled some easy picks for you to grab on your way next time you pop over to Mum’s for a free dinner for a visit because you miss her.

They’ve got a bunch of Rosés, Pinots, and even spirits in the line-up so no matter what Mum (or you) likes you can grab the perfect bottle from Dan Murphy’s, BWS & Independent retailers.

Say hi to your Mum for me!