How do you celebrate your Christmas? Is it Classy? Or like the majority of us well meaning Aussies, unknowingly “tacky”?

According to the Daily Mail, Founder of the Sydney School of Protocol (yes, it’s real) Julie Lamberg-Burnet gave some advice on what’s acceptable and what isn’t this Christmas…

Time to take a tally. Here’s what you should be doing to keep things classy;

  • Keep things simple, subtle and natural! (Easy enough?)
  • A real Christmas tree is a must! (I suppose they smell alright…)
  • All drinks should be in glasses, not bottles or cans. (You’re starting to lose me.)
  • Absolutely NO take away meals. (But why not?)
  • Absolutely NO going overboard with tinsel, baubles or car antlers. (Spoil sport.)
  • These presents are NOT allowed, self-help books, souvenirs and ‘cheap’ looking items of clothing, gift certificate and in-joke gifts. (What’s the point of Christmas then!?)

One thing I can agree with is Ms Lamberg-Burnet’s suggestion of sending a thank you gift to the hosts. Oh, and also purchasing local produce.

Ms Lamberg-Burnet ends with suggesting it’s bad luck to leave decorations up past the ‘twelfth night of Christmas’ or January 6, so do with that information what you will!

Merry Christmas!

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