I had no idea you could be an expert in which is the correct way to hang your toilet paper but, alas, here we are.

Jackie Vernon-Thompson is an ‘Etiquette Expert’ which apparently covers everything in existence including what is the correct way to hang your toilet paper. Brace yourself, this is what she had to say on the very important matter.

“Research after research reveals that the proper and most hygienic way to hang your toilet paper is over and not under,” she told The Daily Mail (obviously). “If the paper is over, when you reach for the paper, your fingers will touch only the piece that you plan to use and flush,” she continues. “However, when it is under, more than likely you are forced to feel for it and touch other parts of the roll and even the wall, which is likely to spread bacteria and germs. “Any given person may have a specimen on their finger and may place it on the wall where they were feeling for the paper that is rolled under.”

I read that whole quote in a hoity-toity English accent even though I have no idea where she’s from… just felt right.

So yeah, now you know. Happy wiping!

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