If you’re struggling to find your man a Valentine’s Day gift don’t stress, I gotchu boo!

Everyone wants to feel loved on Valentine’s Day (yes, even your man) and there’s no better way to say “I love you” than special cuddles whiskey.

Let me introduce you to ‘Whiskey Loot‘.

*Angels sing*

Whiskey Loot are an Australian company who specialize in sourcing, tasting, then supplying you with the greatest whiskeys god hath bestowed upon us. From their website you can purchase single bottles of bespoke whiskey from around the globe, hand-selected tasting bundles (like the ‘Australian Whiskey Tasting Pack‘ for $79), and even memberships which would have bottles of whiskey arriving at your doorstep every month. God damn, what a time to be alive.

And before you say “hang on a minute, nothing about this is Valentine’s Day related!” I promise if you pick something up from Whiskey Loot and slap a handmade love heart on it, he’ll never know the difference.

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