I’m not usually a “gone fishin” type of guy but OH MY LORD look at this monster!

Via @Ebromadcats on Insta

Ditch Ballard (which is a fantastic name by the way) caught a catfish that clocked in at over 100kg. THAT’S A LOT OF SUSHI!

According to The Daily Mail, Mr Ballard’s boat was pulled almost a mile before he was able to reel in the giant fish. After an hour-long battle between man and fish, Ditch successfully pulled the “holy sh*t I can’t believe they come that big” fish into his boat from River Ebro in Spain.

The worst thing about this man struggling to pull a fish into his boat for over an hour in -3° temperatures is after weighing and measuring his catch HE LET IT GO! WHY DO FISHERPEOPLE DO THAT!? Check out more photos of the insane catch on his Insta.

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